Freezer PC browser version

A puzzle game of thought. Free. No installation required. Can play immediately.

Target browsers

Internet Explorer(ver.11) / Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome(Latest edition) / Firefox(Latest edition) / Safari(Latest edition)(Mac is OK, iPhone is not)

Start the game

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How to use and how to play.

Please enable JavaScript and Cookies before starting the game. When you start the game, the title screen will appear. The key operations on the title screen are as follows.

The following characters appear in this game.

Image Name Role
Penguin Operate the penguin to make the ice blocks tidy in the freezer.
Ice block Each ice block can be pushed. Pushing it will not stop until it hits something.
Dot The stage is complete if each ice block is put on a dot.
Wall The wall is an obstacle and cannot be pushed.

Control the penguin to push each ice block in the freezer and to carry it well over a Dot. Because the floor is slippery, when an ice block is pushed, it will not stop until it hits something. The key operations during the game are as follows.

start clear
The start screen The complete screen

There are 12 stages in all. When you complete all stages, you can see the ending.

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